UX Design for an event hub experience.

Web + Mobile UI, UX Design
2 UX Designers, 1 PM

Walmart wanted to establish a digital home for their U.S. store events and experiences. The idea was to help busy families gain awareness and better engage with in-store events and experiences.

The team wanted to capture highly aesthetic event apps that are on the market so we could visualize the big idea. I noticed that the digital products that did offer events, like Eventbrite, appeared to focus primarily on teasing out the offered events. The more visuals, relevant information, and metadata surrounding the events, the better.

After the competitive analysis, I wanted to audit the existing site architecture to see where the Events Hub could fit in. As well as identify what primary features we should focus on for the first version rolling out. The sitemap would acts as a user joruney for the Events Hub.

How Does This Fit?

I considered the various aspects that Stakeholders wanted to account for. This product would not only serve as an Events Hub, but also a hub for marketing campaigns to sit inside of. For example this page would help drive Ad, PR, and SEO campaigns. There were also other aspects illustrated in this deliverable such as Legal, terms and conditions, and future state work.



After considering the competitive audit and design system constraints, I identified what componers were feasible to build on. Then defined what features to have for each page to meet Stakeholder as well as User needs. I inherited a Figma file with wireframe and brand elements. I organized the elements and utilized Walmarts UI styles to come up with wire components and variables. From a systems perspective the functional components were;

  • CTA Button, Radio, Checkbox
  • Carousel Imagery
  • Media Player
  • Geo Capabilities
  • Date Entry
  • Input Fields
  • Drop Downs
  • Hyperlink Text
  • List + Grid View


There were 3 primary pages tha helped drive action for Families to book events on. The Homepage, Events Hub, and Events Details page. These 3 pages also helped support SEO efforts. The 3 pillar pages would also be heavily traficked especially around seasonal events.